Selladas / Sealed

Panamá 2009

The doors symbolize communication between two states and above all, the possibility of access from one to the other. They are the delimitation of two worlds, the inner or sacred and the external or profane world. They are the limit between the past and the future. They have the power to open stories and close them.

Old Panama and its historic quarter was the first European settlement on the Pacific coast of America. Originally planned as in Europe, its street plan is still preserved, and its architecture is a mixture of Spanish, French and a premature American style.

Considered a world heritage and world heritage site by UNESCO, it is currently being renovated by the Panamanian government and by private investors to give way to tourism.

This series was published in AulaFoto Magazine, Contemporary Photography Magazine of Malaga – Spain and in Initiative Collective Magazine, Miami – USA.

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