Iceland 2017

Climate change is faster and more severe in the Arctic than in most of the rest of the world. Ice shelves have disintegrated very rapidly over the last few decades. Icebergs are bits of a glacier fallen off into the sea or a lake, and floated away. Ice shelves are important because they hold back the glaciers on land. A warmer ocean absorbs and then emits heat, resulting in further warming and contributing the most to sea-level rise over the next few centuries. Climate change is real.

Unstoppable is a work composed of three photographs developed in Jökulsárlón, Iceland, and is an ongoing project that tackles the issue of climate change and how it is turned into a tourist site for contemplation with more than 700.000 people visiting it per year, is only until this year that goverment converted it in a protected nature reserve and that although we can do something to stop it, is unstoppable now.

Integrating performance and photography, through a poetic approach to the immanent energy of return where those little icebergs on the shore are pieces of a big change of the century. And how, despite being different, we are the same matter in constant transformation. How can we stop the unstoppable?

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